Monday, January 23, 2017
By Allison Sinisi
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I want to talk to you all about the changes being made to Vivid in 2017, why I have decided to do the things that I am doing.... AND why its best for you and I!


So let's talk about the number one change that everyone will want to understand. THE PRICING STRUCTURE. (dundunnnunnn) Instead of being worried, nervous, and deflated about changing my pricing for the 2017 year, I would like to EDUCATE everyone with my why! The goal is to provide a perfected service and product to every single client and friend that works with me at Vivid.


After attending ImagingUSA this January (big photographer's convention wooohoooo)... it really stuck with me that I would like to include more products to my clients as part of the packages - framed wall art, canvases, acrylic block art, mounted prints - to start with... because the reality is that we have become a digital world with EVERYTHING WE DO. Ask yourself this question..


"Do I hang any of the photos in my house from photography sessions of family or kids?"


If you do, give yourself a pat on the back because you are an ever growing minority. Second, ask yourself this..


"How many months did it actually take me to hang it on the wall or to hand out those prints to granny?"


The point is, I would like to be able to make this part of MY service for you. You choose what you would like and I take care of the printing, framing, shipping, etc. Next we arrange for a pickup date and just like that you have your beautiful photos - professionally printed - all ready for display!


I am NOT trying to hide anything or get more for less.. so please see this example of the pricing and how it will work.


Example 1: Print Credit Option

  • Session fee for studio time together, including access to all props and backdrops - $125
  • A minimum print credit must be purchased WITH the session fee to use on products - $200
  • Enhanced editing on all prints - $0 
  • Online Proofing gallery - $0
  • Product consultation to choose products - $0
  • So $125 + $200 = $325 


Example 2: Digital Option

  • Session fee for studio time together, including access to all props and backdrops - $125
  • ALL (usually around 80-130 images) basic edited images from our session on custom USB - $325
  • Enhanced editing on 8 of your chosen favorites included on the USB - $0
  • Custom USB options: wooden or crystal - $0 
  • PRINTING RIGHTS to all images - $0 
  • Online Proofing gallery - $0
  • So $125 + $325 = $450


Are you still with me?!


Now before anyone is discouraged by total dollar amount please consider this ----- In 2016, most of my clients purchased more than the 8 digital images included with their digital package (Thank you!!) Individual digital images have a price of $30 per image in 2017. Thus, a session with 5 extra images would cost a client $350 if everything remains the same as last year...... Now are you picking up what I am putting down?


At this point in my career my goal is to provide exceptional service, quality products that will last, and to see this artwork on YOUR WALLS!! BUT I totally understand that everyone has a budget and there are ALWAYS unexpected expenses that pop up. Having beautiful photos of your family can be seen as a luxury that sometimes gets skipped over - AND I do not want you to have to make that decision...


That being said, any client that has worked with me in 2016 will have the option to adhere to a traditional digital package, similar to the 2016 package structure. 


Please comment below with any questions, as I am happy to discuss further! Thanks for listening!


- Allison

Tuesday, December 20, 2016
By Allison Sinisi
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The Holidays are Here!

It's Christmas week! .... well kinda but hey, why not? Its the most wonderful time of the year right? But it sure does go fast.. so remember to hug those who mean the most to you. :)


I had the opportunity to work with a family this year through Feeding the Spirit that needed some help for the holidays.. and I invited all of you to help out with the donations for an 8 year old boy, a 10 year old girl, and an 11 year old little girl. With your help, I was able to purchase a BUNCH of gifts for all of the children and I cannot wait for Christmas morning just to know that they received some special toys this year!! So thank you so so so much for helping out, every little bit counts. Giving is the ultimate reward.


To all my little holiday mini session participants... thank you so much to all the new clients and all of the returning clients, you are what make my business successful. This year was by far the most successful week of holiday mini sessions! The mist people ever were in my studio.. so glad that I was able to have a remodel done in November. Each year I am more and more taken aback by the constant referrals and returning clients. My goal is to give you quality, fun, and unique photo sessions and I hope that is what you feel that you receive.


So what's new for 2017?! 


I will be expanding my Signature Mini Sessions to every two months, with themes that hold true to the holidays and seasons. I already have some great ideas for next year, so please stay tuned to my Facebook, IG, and Twitter page. There will be more than one location to be able to cater to my clients that drive over here from the Pittsburgh area!! And there will be more than one weekend that they are available so that more people have the opportunity to join us... and soon to announce I will have some great new photographers working with me for these sessions! (yay!)


Thanks for listening,



Tuesday, December 13, 2016
By Allison Sinisi
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Hi! I am Allison, owner at Vivid Photography.. and I want to welcome you to my new blog page! I am so excited to finally give you photography session tips, fun photo ideas, customer spotlights, and much, much more! Let's get it all started with some exciting things that have been going on in my life and with my baby - Vivid Photography.
In a quick minute, here is a little about me. I started Vivid Photography 6 years ago and have 3 college degrees in studio art and business management. Math is not my strong suite, haha. I have competed in 6 bodybuilding shows and have changed my lifestyle because of it. I am an insurance broker specializing in Medicare plans and give seminars on the subject throughout the year. I have had every color hair growing up including blue and pink... and I have over 20 tattoos but you cannot see them unless I am in a bathing suit (planned). I love to travel and see new countries and their diverse cultures. I believe in the law of attraction. My favorite color is purple!
Okay now that we got that out of the way... Vivid has been my baby since 2011. It has transformed, grown, and become something that I am very proud to say that I have created. I am ready to take the next step and have many exciting things planned for 2017 (info coming soon to another blog post)! This year my newborn, children, and family photography sessions have double compared to previous years and I now am ready to take another big leap of faith! 
It's a crazy thing how life works out.. and to be completely honest.. I had contemplated selling the business at the beginning of 2016. And let me say it was definitely NOT because I don't like my job! It was because I was trying to figure out what direction to take my life. Did I want to have one career (for the first time ever)? Did I want to focus on bodybuilding and work in that field? Do I want to continue photographing weddings?, etc. etc. But it ended up that almost as soon as I started to contemplate that thought, I started to book more and more sessions at the studio. Was it a sign? I think it was and just what I needed to realize I would have been a fool to give up something that I genuinely LOVE to do. The smiles on client faces and the comments that I receive about the photographs I take are the most rewarding part of my career in this field.
Thanks for taking a minute to listen! If you'd like to sign up for the new Vivid Photography mailing list for special deals and advance notice of events please go to the Contact tab and enter your email address. 
Look out next time for some customer appreciation and spotlights! 
With love,